Airscrape® cleans your belt contact-free with

air suction, resulting in high efficiency and no
required maintenance service.




AirScrape® is a side sealing system for belt conveyors patented and manufactured
in Germany. The system is suspended contact-free over the belt. By means of the

unique diagonal arrangement of hardened lamellae, air is led from the outside into

the middle of the belt, thus creating an air suction.

The material movement and the moving belt support and increase the suction effect,

so that fine dust particle remain in the conveyor section.
Additionally, coarse materials pushing outward are led back to the middle of the belt

by the lamellae and thus decreasing spill significantly.



Hence the AirScrape® has a triple positive effect. It reduces the spill and
dust formation at the transfer points and other critical sections in the
conveyor chain significantly. Additionally, there is not contact with the
belt, prolonging the lifecycle considerably.



Conclusion: Low cost- and assembly efforts with major effect and cost
saving potential. Extremely durable.

• High efficiency with coarse materials (no spill with and at the same time long service life of the lamellae)
• High efficiency with fine materials (dust remains in the conveyor flow by air suction)
• Reduces the dust formation and decreases explosion hazard
• No contact to belt and thus no damage to belt
• Reduces the stresses of the drive system