The DustScrape is a combination of dust filter
cloth and AirScrape® and is highly effective
against dust formation.




The filter cloth is stretched across the conveyor belt keeping dust particles
that accumulate due to the material movement within the conveyor
flow. At the same time the filter cloth is permeable to air. The fabric is
especially designed for dust particles and has self-cleaning property allowing
long-lasting dust retention.

The filter cloth is effective against deflation of dust or smaller material
particles and can be delivered in different qualities depending on the
environment e.g. filter cloth with anti-static properties. There are dust
curtains in regular distances supplementing the effect of the dust protection
system and additionally prevent dust formation.



The DustScrape is a combination of
dust filter cloth and AirScrape® and is
a highly effective system against dust
formation. An efficient compact solution
for dust-free belt conveyors with
comparatively low costs and energy

A DustScrape-unit has a system length of 2m and is available
for all belt width. That is why belt sections of optional
length can be equipped or upgraded with the DustScrape.
The selection of the appropriate AirScrape® is dependent
on the loading width of the conveyor belt and the required
load-free area at the side of the belt. In the load-free are the
side sealing works by means of air suction and the accompanying
dust retention properties. The filter cloth stretch
over the material is permeable to air and excess air can




The AirScrape® side sealing and the filter cloth in combination form the
DustScrape system. The AirScrape® does not allow dust or fine material to
exit. Additionally, the arrangement of the lamellae has the effect that coarse
material is led back to the middle of the belt and thus avoiding material
spill completely. The contact-free concept protects the side sealing

and the belt and maintenance intervals have become redundant. Because
of the filter cloth properties, the material and dust are kept in the plenum
and excess air can escape through the pores. Accumulating pressure is
thus being released. Active dust removal or enlarging of the closed plenum
that is usually connected to costly modifications is redundant.


• Health protection by dust protection
• Easy upgrade of existing plants to improve compliance to the new
environmental standards
• Easy assembly
• Can be optionally extended or shortened
• Maintenance- and contact-free
• Available in different qualities (anti-static)

• Extremely long-lasting dust retention due to self-cleaning properties
• Effective against deflation
• Decreases energy costs
• Almost no electric energy is needed for dust extraction (use of system
overpressure by falling processes at the transfer points)
• Ideally effective with the side sealing AirScrape®