Tailscrape supplements the AirScrape® by
hovering over the belt and sealing the transfer
rear area for optimum results.




Like AirScrape®, the TailScrape works according to the Venturi concept.
The intelligent blade structure on the underside ensures that negative
pressure is created in the conveying area. Nothing can escape through
the millimeter-thick gap because the negative pressure allows air to flow
in. Dust generation and spills are reduced by up to 100%. The TailScrape
works without contact to the belt and can therefore be operated
permanently without maintenance. Used together with the AirScrape,
the TailScrape saves considerable costs and resources. In addition, the
strong reduction in dust generation and contamination meets the requirements
for occupational health and environmental protection.



In the rear area of the transfer a metal sheet is used matching the contour
of the belt trough. Ideally, the sheet is mounted at a maximum
distance of 20 mm from the belt. The TailScrape is shortened to the distance
between the two AirScrapes mounted on the side and bent to fit
the trough. The TailScrape is fixed and adjusted to the sheet by means of
slotted holes and lifting elements allowing almost no gap and contact to
the belt.


Like AirScrape®, the TailScrape works according to the Venturi concept.
The TailScrape is available in small, medium and large for all belt widths
to match the AirScrape variants and can be mounted so precisely to the
existing AirScrape that it seals the transfer to the bend avoiding dust or

• high efficiency with coarse material (no spillage and at the same time
long service life of the special lamellae)
• high efficiency with fine material (dust is kept in the material flow by
air intake)
• reduces dust generation and the risk of explosion
• no belt contact and therefore no damage to the belt
• reduces the load on the drive system (no belt friction)
• extends belt life
• no wear of the skirting due to friction

• reduces maintenance and replacement costs significantly
• simple installation
• no gap in connection with the AirScrape
• contributes to occupational safety, environmental protection and
health protection